Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen, D.Sc(Tech), M.A.
mobile: +358 50 5967735
email: perttu.hamalainen(at)
CV (.pdf)

I'm a tenure track assistant professor of computer games at Aalto University. I moved to Aalto from the games industry in 2012. My professorship is split 50/50 between School of Science (SCI) and School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS). My research interests include gameplay innovation through emerging technologies and novel game creation tools. The showreel above features projects ranging from my M.A. thesis back in 2001 to commercial games by Virtual Air Guitar Company and my group's recent research. Currently, my group focuses on human motion, including both analysis (computer vision tracking, movement-based games, exercise quantification and gamification) and synthesis (AI for physically plausible character animation and the new kinds of gameplay enabled by it).

My background is in interaction design, computer vision, electronics, and audio signal processing technology, and before that in demoscene, music, and short films. I used to be fluent in AHDL, embedded system design, and several assembler dialects, but nowadays I mostly implement my game and interaction prototypes using C# and Unity 3D, and technology using Matlab and C++.

Currently, my teaching responsibilities include Unity 3D for game design students and action game design from an embodied perspective. I'm also teaching/coaching on the Game Project course together with Miikka Junnila.