MUSTAJUURI (Scorzonera hispanica)

Mustajuuri (Black salsify, Scorzonera hispanica) is an audio signal processing application and toolkit. It is designed to meet wide range of needs. The first and foremost is real-time effects processing. Mustajuuri can process guitar, vocals or any instrument with ease. It is also useful if you have a virtual reality system with more than 10 loudspeakers and you wonder how to control them all :-)

The basic philosophy is to combine the good features of many existing applications - not to simply copy one. Apps I'd like to surpass are ProTools, CuBase and all the others :-) To make this possible Mustajuuri has an extremely flexible and powerful plugin model.

Mustajuuri acts as a core framework upon which applications can be built. One can build applications directly as plugins (quite easy) or use the Mustajuuri libraries and plugins as a class library.

Mustajuuri has a graphical user interface (see screenshots) and is plugin-based (list of plugins). There is also a text-based user interface. The user interface has been designed to be easily learned and effective to use.




Mustajuuri is in development phase. It may be useful to you how-ever. Check it out and let me know how it worked. It seems that there are not that many stability problems remaining. Right now I do not aim for forward or backward compatibility (binary or file format) between versions. To see the list of achievements have a look at the status page.

User FAQ answers a few common questions.

Open source

Mustajuuri is open source software. It is distributed under GPL/LGPL license. This means that some modules of Mustajuuri are covered by GPL and some other modules by LGPL (with few extra exceptions). The details can be found in the Mustajuuri source code distribution (available in the download page).

Last update 16.8.2005