3/6/2014, an article on the preferences of studio control room acoustics was published in JAES. Listen to the studio control rooms with a demo.

11/2/2014 Updated webpages and publications

2/12/2014 A blog from the virtual research group on room acoustics

6/2013 Presented a poster on spatial analysis of concert halls acoustics at ISRA 2013 in Canada, Toronto, 9-11th June 2013

8/2012 Presented a lecture on spatial encoding of room impulse responses at 164th ASA meeting in Kansas City,Tue 23rd of Oct 2012, 11:15

3/2012 Presented a paper at ICASSP in Kyoto, 30th of March 2012

1/3/2012 Demonstration of room acoustic measurement and reproduction at AES 45th conference, 1st of March 2012

14/1/2012 Succesfully defended my thesis 13th of Jan 2012