Raine Kajastila D.Sc.(Tech.) raine.kajastila()aalto.fi


I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Media Technology, Aalto University School of Science, in Espoo, Finland. I'm currently focusing on audio/visually augmented exercise and sports training environments with Perttu Hämäläinen.

I defended my doctoral thesis Interaction with eyes-free and gestural interfaces on 8.2.2013. The research was done as part of the Virtual Acoustics team lead by Lauri Savioja and Tapio Lokki.

In addition to research, I am co-founder of a spin-off companies Hipui and Blaast (later renamed as Pryte holdings), which both originated from the research work we did here in Aalto. I worked at Blaast during the years 2010-2011 and ended my daily contribution to the company when returning to finnish my thesis. In my work and during the spare time I am endlessly innovating better (sometimes even impossible) solutions for all things that just don't work well enough.

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Augmented Climbing Wall is now live at Boulderkeskus Isatis. Check the Spark Game video above, go climbing and participate research! (ACW project page)


Augmented sports:

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[Featured in New Scientist, etc.]
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Eyes-free, Gestures, Audio:

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