Timesheets JavaScript Engine

Welcome to Timesheets JavaScript Engine web page. Timesheets is the new SMIL 3.0 External Timing module, which allows the integration of SMIL timing with other XML languages such as XHTML and SVG. Timesheets is based on the SMIL time containers par, seq, and excl.

In addition, timesheets introduces two elements timesheet and item. The timesheet element contains all the timing information. It can be located, for example, in the head section of XHTML document. It can also reference timing information, which is located in an external file. The item element contains references to the timed elements, for example, in XHTML body sections. The timed elements are selected using CSS selectors.

As the name states, the Timesheets JavaScript Engine is a JavaScript based implementation of the SMIL 3.0 External Timing Module. Thus, it can be used in standard browsers. It has been tested in Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers. All tests and examples should work on Firefox and Opera. On Safari, the timesheet src attribute test does not work. All other tests and examples should work.

This page gives a general introduction to the Timesheets JavaScript Engine. More details about the implementation is given on the the Features page. You can also try out the Timesheets JavaScript Engine by running the individual tests on the Tests page. More complete examples will be included on the Examples page. If you want to use the Timesheet JavaScript Engine on your own web pages, you should check the instructions page. Finally, you can download the Timesheets JavaScript Engine from the download page.