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Lauri Savioja
Image courtesy of Jaakko Lehtinen
  Lauri Savioja, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Department of Computer Science
Aalto University School of Science

Room: 3544, TUAS building  (building #37 on the map)
Street address: Otaniementie 17, FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
Postal address: P.O.Box 15500, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
Phone: +358 50 590 5209,    Fax: +358 9 4702 5014,     Email: Lauri.Savioja(at)aalto.fi  View Lauri Savioja's profile on


[14.8.2015] The Special Issue on Spatial Audio in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing is now out. Thanks to all the other Guest Editors, all the authors, and all the reviewers who made this real!

[10.8.2015] The overview paper on geometrical room acoustis modeling co-authored with Prof. U. Peter Svensson is finally out, and publicly available as an open-access paper.

[7.5.2015] I was granted the AES Board of Governors award in the AES Convention in Warsow, Poland. Thanks AES!

[2.1.2015] It was a busy year as the head of the department. Lots of discussions that finally ended up in a merger of three departments. From now on, I'm a deputy head of the Department of Computer Science, the largest department at our university.

[4.12.2014] Received a 'Visiting Professor' grant by the Nokia Foundation to support my coming sabbatical at CCRMA, Stanford University.

[29.10.2014] I was honored to deliver the opening keynote on "Room acoustics modelling: past, present and the future" in Tecniacustica 2014 conference in Murcia, Spain.

[25.9.2014] Doctoral thesis defense of Frank Wefers at RWTH, Aachen. Very nice thesis Frank - congratulations!

[8.9.2014] Forum Acusticum in Krakow, Poland was a very nice event. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the structured session on "Signal Processing for Virtual Acoustics" organized by prof. Vorländer and myself!

[29.8.2014] Thanks to all the delegates of the AES'55th Conference on Spatial Audio we organized in Helsinki! My warmest thanks to the whole organizing committee as well!

[23.5.2014] Dr Damian Murphy from University of York, UK was visiting us for two months. Very nice and inspiring visit as always. Thanks, Damian!

[15.5.2014] Doctoral thesis viva of Craig Webb in Edinburgh University. Well done Craig - congratulations!

[2.5.2014] Hannes Gamper defended his doctoral thesis - congratulations! Brian Katz from CNRS/LIMSI acted as the opponent.

[3.4.2014] I had the pleasure to give a plenary talk on "Current Trends in Room Acoustics Modeling" in the EAA Auralization Symposium.

[2.1.2014] I started as the head of Department of Media Technology.

Research, CV and Publications

Virtual Acoustics, i.e. concert hall acoustics, auralization, sound rendering, spatial hearing, HRTFs, room acoustics modeling, perception, psychoacoustics, virtual auditory environments, sounds in virtual reality, auditory displays, eyes-free user interfaces, reverberation algorithms, multichannel reproduction, reverberation enhancement ...
See more on Virtual Acoustics research team's web pages.

Curriculum Vitae.   List of publications (Interactive) (PDF). Citation analytics provided by Google Scholar, ResearcherID (ISI), and Scopus.


At the moment, I am the responsible teacher at the following courses:
  • ME-C2110 - Ohjelmointistudio 1: Mediaohjelmointi (Programming Studio 1: media computation) (5op), new course for the renewed BSc program
  • T-111.5501 and T-111.5502 - Seminars on Media Technology
In addition, I have been the responsible teacher at the following courses:
  • T-111.5400 - Keinotodellisuus (Virtual Reality) (4 op) L
  • T-111.4310 - Interactive computer graphics
  • T-111.5310 - Advanced course in computer graphics
  • Various seminars

All courses by Media Technology  –  WebOodi  –  Noppa


Other Activities

Current projects

  • EPOS - Efficient perceptually optimal simulation of room acoustics (2013-2017)

Some past projects

MIDE/UI-ART - Urban contextual information interfaces with multimodal augmented reality (2009-2013)
DIEM/MMR - Mobile Mixed Reality (2009-2011)
Intuition - Network of excellence in vIrtual reality aNd virTUal environments applIcaTIONs for future workspaces (2004-2008)
COST ConGas - Gesture Controlled Audio Systems (2003-2004)
3Dr - Computer Graphics Group (2003-2008)
Uni-verse - A distributed interactive audio-visual virtual reality system (2004-2007)
EVE - The Experimental Virtual Environment at HUT (1999-2006)
SARA - Spatial audio and room acoustics (2004-2007)
TAKU - Modeling, desing, and control of acoustics of closed spaces. Tekes funded project 1999-2002.
DIVA - Digital Interactive Virtual Acoustics (1997-2002)
Marienkirche - A visual and aural demonstration film (Presented in SIGGRAPH'98, Electronic Theater).

Old News

[30.8.2013] We have a PhD student opening in our team. The topic of the research is room acoustics modeling and optimization, and it is funded by this 4-year Academy of Finland project.

[13.5.2013] The AES Convention in Rome was very nice. Very good to see and discuss with people! In addition, I was awarded with the AES Fellowship Award there :-).

[24.4.2013] Dr. Stefan Bilbao from University of Edinburgh was visiting us for two weeks. Very good discussions and nice start to a new study!

[18.4.2013] Our manuscript "Room Impulse Response Synthesis and Validation Using A Hybrid Acoustic Model" was accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing.

[13.3.2013] The program for the ICA is online. The "room acoustics computer simulation" is divided into three sessions that will take place on Thursday and Friday morning. The "GPUs in acoustics modeling and DSP" is scheduled for Friday morning. So, those two are unfortunately overlapping, and both of them have very interesting papers! Hope to see many of you there!

[1.3.2013] Both of our submissions to ICASSP were accepted!

[1.2.2013] Prof. Jose Javier Lopez from the Technical University of Valencia arrived. He will be visiting us until the end of April. Welcome, Jose!

[15.11.2012] Deadline for the ICA abstract submission. We got 35 abstracts to the Room Acoustic Modeling Session (organized jointly with prof. de Vries) and 10 abstracts to the GPU computatoin session (organized jointly with Dr. Hursky). Thanks to all the contributors!

[1.11.2012] Professor Dinesh Manocha from UNC was visiting us, and he gave a very exciting presentation on crowd simulation.

[22.10.2012] I gave an invited presentation in the ASA Meeting in Kansas City. The presentation was an introduction to our JASA paper "Modeling incoherent reflections from rough room surfaces with image sources"

[20.9.2012] Our "Spatial High Frequency extrapolation" paper by Alex and me got a "level-2 best-paper nomination" in DAFx'12.

[17.9.2012] My tutorial on audio signal processing with GPUs at the DAFx'12 conference was well received.

[30.8.2012] The 'Room acoustics' session organized by Ning Xiang and myself in Internoise at NYC had 23 presentations! Thanks to all the presenters!

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