Two-Shot SVBRDF Capture for Stationary Materials

Miika Aittala Tim Weyrich Jaakko Lehtinen
Aalto University University College London Aalto University

ACM Transactions on Graphics 34(4) (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2015)


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New! Oculus Rift viewer for the results, including displacement mapping, shadows, 3D meshes and proper filtering. Courtesy of Jussi Knuuttila.


Material appearance acquisition usually makes a trade-off between acquisition effort and richness of reflectance representation. In this paper, we instead aim for both a light-weight acquisition procedure and a rich reflectance representation simultaneously, by restricting ourselves to one, but very important, class of appearance phenomena: texture-like materials. While such materials' reflectance is generally spatially varying, they exhibit self-similarity in the sense that for any point on the texture there exist many others with similar reflectance properties. We show that the texturedness assumption allows reflectance capture using only two images of a planar sample, taken with and without a headlight flash. Our reconstruction pipeline starts with redistributing reflectance observations across the image, followed by a regularized texture statistics transfer and a non-linear optimization to fit a spatially-varying BRDF (SVBRDF) to the resulting data. The final result describes the material as spatially-varying, diffuse and specular, anisotropic reflectance over a detailed normal map. We validate the method by side-by-side and novel-view comparisons to photographs, comparing normal map resolution to sub-micron ground truth scans, as well as simulated results. Our method is robust enough to use handheld, JPEG-compressed photographs taken with a mobile phone camera and built-in flash.


This work was supported by the Academy of Finland (grant 277833), the Helsinki Doctoral Programme in Computer Science (HeCSE), and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (grant EP/K023578/1).


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