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Upcoming thesis presentations

22.04.2014 @ B122, CS-building
14:00 Pasi Salo: Design and Implementation of a Single-Page Web Application - Case Online Music Diary

24.04.2014 @ TUAS 3550
10:15 Lauri Rummukainen: Critical Infrastructure Visualization: Achieving Situational Awareness

Virtual Acoustics Research

Virtual Acoustics

Prof. Tapio Lokki and prof. Lauri Savioja

Our current research in the Virtual Acoustics Group is concentrated on subjective and objective evaluation of concert hall acoustics. Moreover, we work on audio augmented reality and room acoustics modeling.

Visual Media Research

Visual Media

Prof. Pirkko Oittinen

The Visual Media group has the mission of advancing visual technologies and raising the quality of visual information to create enhanced user experiences in different usage (professional and end-use) contexts. The research approach is constructive and exploratory and crosses disciplinary boundaries.

Games, Graphics, and Interaction Research

Games, Graphics, and Interaction

Prof. Tapio Takala

The interaction research group "Art & Magic".

Asst prof. Jaakko Lehtinen

Computer graphics research. Jaakko Lehtinen also works for NVIDIA Research.

Asst prof. Perttu Hämäläinen

Computer games research, joint professorship with Aalto ARTS (Media lab).

WWW and Semantics Research

WWW and Semantics

Prof. Petri Vuorimaa

The Web Services Group conducts research on web-based services and architectures including scalable Internet-based architectures, web applications platforms and social media technologies.

Prof. Eero Hyvönen

The Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) researches machine-processable semantics related to, e.g., the Semantic Web. Our research is focused on semantic media technologies, such as the Semantic Web and intelligent web services.

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Tel: (09) 47001
Fax: (09) 412 7035

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